HOLY GRAIL! Revlon Royal : Review, Swatches and Praise!!!!

Because I read a lot of nail blogs, there are often colors that I see all the time.  The latest one to catch my attention was Revlon Royal.  Each time I'd see a flakie, jelly sandwich or blue glitter, there it was, Revlon Royal.  I had seen the words ''layered over Revlon Royal'' so many times that when I was at the drugstore (one of the 10 drugstores I visited in that quest) I picked it up just to see why everyone was using it so much.

Honestly, if I had only looked at the color from the bottle I would never have bought this shade.  It looks like a Royal blue (d'uh that's ITS NAME) and I'm honestly not too fond of those.  

But on my nails...oh my... can we say LOVE AT FIRST STROKE?

I mean... look at that gorgeousness.  Almost navy royaley blue with a jelly finish.  It looks so dark and rich without looking black at all.  This is three coats and I feel it's perfect that way.  Very easy to work with also and I didn't have the drying time problems some people have been complaining about with this shade.  Two thins coats and a third thicker coat and it's perfection - well to my eyes that is.  The color compliments my skin so welllllllll.

Here's an another indoors shot that shows it can be more royal blue depending on the lighting, whereas the first picture shows a much darker richer tone.

Last picture is outdoors and you can really see the glossiness of the finish on that one.  I can't wait to try other dark jellies, they're just dreamy.

I have to say this is easily my favorite nail polish so far.  It's versatile, compliments my skin, glossy, dark blue, almost navy, pigmented and the list goes on.  For 6.49$, it's such. a. steal. If Revlon ever discontinues this s***, Imma be pissed.  I even like this better than NARS Zulu, which says A LOT.

What is your favorite nail polish shade?

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